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TT132216 - Financial Services, Artificial Intelligence and ServiceNow A deep dive discussion about how machine learning is driving enterprise transformation in Financial Services. 1 Hour TableTalks Chris Collazo
Solution Architect–ServiceNow
Julia Smith
Director - Financial Services - Inspire–ServiceNow
PCW4533 - Optimize IT value through Application Rationalization and Portfolio Management (2-Day Course) <p>Gaining control over business applications costs within an organization can be a daunting task. </p><p> In this workshop, we will show you how you can gain visibility into your Applications Portfolio under management, understanding their costs and by leveraging IT Financial Management. We will then demonstrate how to assess your portfolio, determine lifecycles to identify retirement and demand opportunities that meet your organizational goals and objectives. We then leverage ServiceNow Project Portfolio Suite to manage investments to realize the identified opportunities. Tracking activities and progress leveraging the powerful analytics in PA demonstrates reveals the value of leveraging the IT Business Management as a critical capability of your ServiceNow investment.</p> 18 Hours over 2 sessions Pre-Conference Training – Workshops
PCC4521 - Managing the Lifecycle of Assets and CIs (1-Day Course) <p>This informative 1-day class provides an insight into how ServiceNow integrates ITAM, ITOM, and ITSM processes using Service Catalog, Procurement, Asset Management, Discovery, and the CMDB Applications. This course provides both lecture and hands-on experience to help re-enforce these concepts: </p><ul> <li>• ITAM: Using Service Catalog in concert with Procurement Management</li> <li>• ITOM: Automatically Discover Configuration Items, including Hardware details, Installed Software and Application Relationships</li> <li>• ITSM: Manage Assets and Configuration Items throughout their lifecycle using Add/Move/Change processes to insure proper retirement and disposal of items</li> <p> Using ITAM, ITOM, and ITSM modules together allows you to track and manage Assets and Configuration Items lifecycle management; from Request to Retirement.</p></ul> 9 Hours Pre-Conference Training – Classes
PCC4519 - ServiceNow Discovery (2-Day Course) <p>ServiceNow Discovery is a phase one piece of the ServiceNow ServiceWatch Suite laying the groundwork for mature infrastructure operations management. Using probes, sensors, and discovery patterns, this ITOM application captures IP‑enabled configuration items (CIs), and maps their relationships and dependencies, in your ServiceNow CMDB. A combination of course content and lab work in this condensed 2-day training will help attendees learn to: </p> <ul> <li>• Understand the big picture of the ServiceNow Discovery solution</li> <li>• Install and configure multiple MID Servers</li> <li>• Work with Credentials</li> <li>• Configure Discovery to find:</li> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;‑Linux and Windows Servers <br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;‑Network Devices <br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;‑Applications <li>• Prevent Duplicate CIs with CI Identifiers</li> <li>• Create New CI Classes</li> <li>• Extend Discovery with custom:</li> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;‑Probes and Sensors <br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;‑Discovery Patterns <li>• Learn common troubleshooting techniques</li> </ul> <p><b>Who Should Attend: </b>This course is designed for ServiceNow administrators and consultants who need to implement and administer ServiceNow Discovery.</p> <p><b>Prerequisites: </b></p> <ul> <li>• Certified System Administrator preferred</li> <li>• Successful completion of <a href="" target="_blank">CodeAcademy’s</a> JavaScript course is recommended</li> <li>• Scripting in ServiceNow is highly recommended</li></ul> 18 Hours over 2 sessions Pre-Conference Training – Classes
BRE4040 - Improving HR Efficiency by Delivering a Modern Consumerized Employee Service Experience Cox Automotive, which is the leading provider of products and services spanning the automotive ecosystem needed a more efficient way to service their large global workforce of 30,000 employees. HR spent a lot of time fielding benefits and employee issues on a daily basis, which was just becoming very time consuming for their limited HR resources. HR also needed a better way to measure the HR services they provided and determine where and how to improve their processes through the use of HR analytics and dashboards, which they had no insight into using their current legacy systems. Hear from Donna Woodruff, Enterprise Service Enablement Leader at Cox Automotive, and Kristin Deegan, HR Information Systems at Cox Automotive as they highlight modernized and transformed their employee service experience from manual to automated in just 90 days using ServiceNow. Learn how they are leveraging ServiceNow and the HR Portal to support their acquisitions, streamline processes, and provide their growing team member population a more consumerized service experience. She will demonstrate how HR uses ServiceNow Analytics and Dashboards to manage effectiveness, improve inefficiencies and provide transparency to their senior leadership. 50 Minute Traditional Breakout Donna Woodruff
Improving HR Efficiency–Cox Automotive
BRE4038 - Enabling Facilities Service and Move Management on your ServiceNow Platform Blue Shield of California, which has been a ServiceNow platform customer since 2013, is an independent member of the Blue Shield Association and is a nonprofit health plan dedicated to providing Californians with access to high-quality health care at an affordable price. When the Corporate Real Estate team wanted move management to be requested and tracked in the company’s Service Marketplace they found enabling ServiceNow’s Facilities Service Management solution was the ideal solution. Matt Small, Application Consultant Lead at Blue Shield of California will discuss how they were able to convert all their existing facility CAD maps and easily import those maps and their facility spaces into the ServiceNow platform. By leveraging the ServiceNow Facilities Service Management solution, Blue Shield of California now has a more streamlined on-boarding and support experience as user location is now an integral part of the user profile. 50 Minute Traditional Breakout Matt Small
Consultant/Lead Application Developer–Blue Shield of California
TT132211 - HR Service Dashboards, Analytics & KPIs What HR analytics & KPI's should be top of mind in any organization? Take the opportunity to network and learn what your peers have to say on this trending topic of discussion. 1 Hour TableTalks Jennifer Stroud
HR Evangelist & Transformation Consultant–ServiceNow
TT132209 - Consumerizing the Employee Service Experience What does consumerization mean to you and how is it impacting your organization? Take the opportunity to network and discuss with your peers on how modern technology and consumerization is changing the way employees want to work going forward. 1 Hour TableTalks Mike Vilimek
Director, Product Marketing–ServiceNow
PCW4526 - Modernize IT Service Management (2-Day Course) <p>Is your IT organization stuck in the old school methods of delivering and managing your IT Services? Are you ready to modernize your IT Service Management? If you answered &quot;Yes&quot; to these questions, this workshop is designed for you. In this workshop you will: </p><ul> <li>• Understand what modernizing ITSM can do for you</li> <li>• Learn about the Modernize ITSM maturity model</li> <li>• Discover the Services that ServiceNow provides to ensure you meet your desired outcomes</li></ul> 18 Hours over 2 sessions Pre-Conference Training – Workshops
PCC4514 - ServiceNow Service Mapping (2-Day Course) <p>Learn how to discover and model business services to manage service health, determine the business impact of infrastructure problems, simplify the root cause analysis of service issues, and minimize the service impact of infrastructure changes. During this condensed 2-day interactive training course, attendees will gain in depth knowledge and practice in configuring and using ServiceNow Service Mapping. A combination of course content and lab work will help attendees learn to:</p> <ul> <li>• Gain a clear understanding of the ServiceNow Service Mapping solution and its capabilities and how it differs from the ServiceNow Discovery solution</li> <li>• Learn the concepts and value of ServiceNow Service Mapping top down discovery that allows ServiceNow administrators to model an entire business service by providing a single entry point to the service such as a web URL or host address and port</li> <li>• Install and configure MID Servers</li> <li>• Navigate the Service Mapping user interface</li> <li>• Configure Service Mapping credentials</li> <li>• Configure Service Mapping to discover and model a business service from a top down approach including all the applications, network devices, and servers that support it</li> <li>• Gain in depth knowledge on how to configure Service Mapping patterns that allows administrators to model proprietary applications and connections unknown to ServiceNow Service Mapping</li> <li>• Work with the Identification and Reconciliation application to understand how inserts and updates are performed to configuration items in the CMDB</li> <li>• Gain understanding of how Service Mapping works with ServiceNow Event Management to provide visibility into service outages</li> <li>• Learn common troubleshooting techniques</li></ul> <p><b>Who Should Attend:</b> This course is designed for IT Operations Managers, ServiceNow administrators, and consultants who need to implement, configure, and administer ServiceNow Service Mapping.</p> <p><b> Prerequisites: </b></p> <ul><li>• Certified ServiceNow System Administrator preferred</li> <li>• Experience configuring monitoring and discovery tools and working knowledge of UNIX and/or Windows servers is highly recommended</li> <li>• A fundamental knowledge of networking including TCP/IP ports and firewalls, network protocols, IP networks, subnetting, and network devices</li></ul> 18 Hours over 2 sessions Pre-Conference Training – Classes
CCW4235 - CMDB CI Lifecycle Management API CMDB CI would typically transition through several operational states while undergoing various operations. CI Lifecycle Management provides the mechanism to define states and actions for a CI and lets you apply appropriate actions based on a CI's state to tailor the management of CI lifecycle to business needs. Learn, how to leverage CI Life cycle management API and CMDB groups to manage CI operational state with your automation. Prerequisite: ServiceNow administration 1 Hour 50 minute CreatorCon Workshop Manish Gupta
Manager, Software Development–ServiceNow
CCB4216 - Designing Your Applications for Analytics As a developer, you would never dream of developing your application without key elements of the solution (like security) embedded into the design. Yet many times we see the key elements of reporting and analytics "bolted on" after deployment leading to sometimes unnatural acts to capture the right data to present to stakeholders. In this session, we will discuss the best practices for data structures inside ServiceNow that will allow you to easily leverage the reporting engine and Performance Analytics as part of your application design. 50 Minute CreatorCon Breakout Heath Ramsey
Director, Analytics and Reporting Customer Success–ServiceNow
CCB4211 - Speeding Your Delivery Time with Web Development Tools ServiceNow Admins come from various backgrounds in business, system administration, and programming. Many who dive into the the application may not know of resources to help with troubleshooting and development. This session will cover the Web Development Console, a suite of tools included in most web browsers. These web development tools work well in ServiceNow's unique environment. These tools have many uses, including creating accurate mock-ups and spotting errors. While guiding the audience through an upgrade from Geneva to Istanbul, this presentation will demonstrate solutions to common upgrade challenges and provide quick-tips that ServiceNow Admins can apply daily. Those that are unfamiliar with the tool will look at their work differently and learn how hacks can improve their own team's efficiency. 50 Minute CreatorCon Breakout Steven Socha
CCB4204 - Incorporating Push Notifications into your Notification Strategy ServiceNow supports Push Notifications to the ServiceNow Mobile Application out of the box. We'll cover how to incorporate this messaging channel alongside others for best effect in your overall system notification strategy. From simple push notifications to action taken directly from the push notification, give your users control over their own notification preferences to manage their messages. 50 Minute CreatorCon Breakout Chris Collazo
Solution Architect–ServiceNow
Dub Myers
Software Development Manager–ServiceNow
BRE4196 - Performance Cookbook: Serving Up the Right Data to Perform Learn how the IT organization at KAR Auction Services was able to evolve from operating with no visibility or standardized performance metrics to an agile business with real-time insight and the ability to make trusted business decisions. The organization had Performance Analytics and Reporting but was not leveraging the capabilities to their full potential. Reports were being used with varying contexts. Learn how KAR was able to expand their usage of Performance Analytics and Reporting, leading to marked stability and measurable gains in performance. 50 Minute Traditional Breakout Jason Hagen
Mr–KAR Auction Services
CCW4230 - Get up and running with Service Portal This workshop is a level 100 lab on how to use the new Service Portal with no to low code. The objective is to create a compelling Service Portal quickly leveraging out of the box widgets. The workshop will cover service portal basics and dive into creating a new portal, branding the portal, creating new page layouts and adding widget instances. The end result will be an awesome customer experience with a great looking and functioning service portal. 1 Hour 50 minute CreatorCon Workshop Chris Anello
Senior Solution Consultant–ServiceNow
Jay Park
Solution Consultant–ServiceNow
CCW4228 - Planning and Developing for Mobile ServiceNow's platform provides a wealth of mobile capability ready for you to use, but as with any other tool, one should follow good practices for designing and developing with mobile in mind. This workshop will discuss some best practices for planning and developing for mobile, and provide hands-on experience with some common mobile scenarios. Focus will be on Mobile Web UI and Mobile App UI, with some information about tablet and Service Portal. 1 Hour 50 minute CreatorCon Workshop Ken Michelson
VP, Platform Solutions–Acorio
Timothy Haroutunian
Sr. Consultant–Acorio
BRE4127 - Connect Support: How Asurion employees use Connect to better understand our customers Before Connect Support, technical leads in the contact center used a crowded Skype Group Chat room to manage escalations with agents. Without a discrete chat conversation, reporting and trending was impossible and keeping track of conversations was a challenge. Rather than spending $300k+ on an internally developed solution, Asurion utilized the ServiceNow platform Connect Support application to manage chat queues by Client and allow technical leads to create cases based on their conversations with agents. The team is now able to see what agents are escalating, allowing them to quickly respond with training or additional education material as needed. With reporting and the use of sentiment analysis gathered from Connect Support, social media, and other sources, Asurion is also able to understand our agents and customers attitudes and quickly respond to negative or positive indicators. 50 Minute Traditional Breakout Scott Tuck
Technical Analyst 2–Asurion
Nicholas Hord
Software Engineer–Asurion
BRE4122 - A Journey into Enterprise Service Management I will talk about the journey that Campbell took . How started with HR and then expanded ServiceNow fulfilers across our Enterprise wide shared services in 3 months. I will discuss the models we used to support and build this and how we progress over an 18 month period to provide comprehensive services using ServiceNow across HR, IT, Finance, Procurement, Revenue Management, Mater Data, Security and Facilities. In addition, I will elaborate on how we now us ServiceNow to manage or development, our ideas, projects and performance across our shared services and beyond. 50 Minute Traditional Breakout Mark Grimmelikhuijsen
Snr Mgr, Service & Portfolio Management–Campbells
BRE4115 - Using ServiceNow to provide Self-Service Access and Tracking of Cloud Usage Faced with challenges associated with long lead times for developers to get access to cloud resources, as well as limited visibility into utilization, and ownership of resources, Go Daddy turned to ServiceNow for a solution. Attend this session and learn how Go Daddy is using ServiceNow to manage cloud sprawl by being able to track usage and ownership of cloud resources, as well as providing self-service access to cloud resources for their developers. 50 Minute Traditional Breakout Daymion Reynolds
Sr Director–GoDaddy
Jan-Erik Carlsen
Software Development Engineer–GoDaddy
BRE4160 - Organizing Teams for Quick and Efficient Incident Resolution How do you organize the chaos that comes with 'all hands on deck' major incident response and resolution? Can we keep the right parties informed throughout the process and ensure the teams have the support they need to quickly resolve the issue? See how we approached these issues and more using Incident Management, Incident Alert, On-Call Scheduling and an integration with Notify. 50 Minute Traditional Breakout Jamie Hollenbeck
Sr. Business/Process Analyst–Mary Kay
BRE4153 - ITSM – powered by Analytics & Machine Learning A look into the future of ServiceNow ITSM. We'll be exploring Analytics & Machine Learning / Cognitive skills; and how they can be used for solving ITSM challenges. 50 Minute Traditional Breakout Abhay Kulkarni
Director - Product Management Data Insights–ServiceNow Inc
Darius Koohmarey
Product Manager - ITSM (Express)–ServiceNow
BRP4285 - Panel: How to Modernize Employee Onboarding for the Digital Age – an Industry Perspective Hear from a panel of customers on how they eliminated manual HR tasks, and streamlined and automated their various onboarding activities which spanned across other departments like IT, Facilities and so on, using ServiceNow. Learn about the critical business challenges they faced, best practices they learned along the way, successes they have had so far, and what’s next for their organizations. 50 Minutes Panel Breakout Ben Bartels
Director, HR Product Line Sales–ServiceNow
Terrie Kauffman
IT Service Management–Carolinas Healthcare System
Melanie Hildebrandt
VP - Corporate IT–Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc
Jack Foo
Service Catalog & Self Service Portal Owner–Toyota Motor North America
BRE3984 - Expanding Value With The ServiceNow Platform Learn how to unlock incremental value from the platform you already use with the tools you already own. Leverage existing platform features to customize your own portals, build, test and integrate your own custom applications or even safely delegate development and administration to groups outside of IT. Automate your processes or modernize and consolidate your current applications on the ServiceNow Platform. 50 Minute Traditional Breakout Scott Howley
Platform Product Management–ServiceNow
BRE3977 - Case Study: Business Continuity Custom App A custom application was created in ServiceNow to reduce the time spent on creating, managing and maintaining business continuity plans for multiple offices. The solution facilitates the gathering of business impact assessment and critical continuity data from stakeholders. The collected data is automatically populated into the business continuity plan document for sharing with stakeholders. The application uses a scheduled process that helps to keep the organization’s business continuity plans up-to-date and reinforces continuity procedures with stakeholders. 50 Minute Traditional Breakout Tina Price
AVP IT Security & Governance–York Risk Services Group
BRE3972 - Almost DevOps? Combining ServiceNow Ops and Agile App Dev With the impending shutdown of a legacy Lotus Notes environment still teeming with over 200 custom apps, we took a group that has been developing in the ServiceNow ITIL and Service Management modules for years and transitioned them into a team that now also builds custom apps in the Platform Runtime. See what processes and tools we are using to transition from just maintenance and support team into a team that supports a DevOps mindset, and see the first few apps that we've rolled out. 50 Minute Traditional Breakout Troy Dowd
Supervisor Web Services–Owens-Illinois, Inc.
CCW3960 - Killer UX with Service Portal: Beyond Self-Service The Service Portal is more than a self-service portal replacement for CMS. In this session you will build a Service Portal interface that looks like evernote for a new custom, scoped notes application that takes your user experience to the next level. You will use custom widgets that communicate with each other to build this one page app that allows you to query, load, update, and submit new data to and from ServiceNow's database. 1 Hour 50 minute CreatorCon Workshop Brad Tilton
Partner Solution Architect–ServiceNow
CCB3946 - A Perspective on Multi Instance for Large Customers While it is always preferable for customers to have multiple teams working on a single production instance, this option is not always possible to execute while still meeting a customer's business objectives. Our experience shows that this need is most present for our largest of customers with many global locations and highly segmented business lines. This session discusses six approaches for managing multi instance deployments in large customer settings. 50 Minute CreatorCon Breakout Neal Laufenberg
Senior Solution Consultant–ServiceNow
Charles Preiss
Senior Solution Consultant–ServiceNow
CCB3927 - Building Scoped and Enterprise Service Apps for Discover’s Payment Services Line of Business Share how we have built Scoped and Custom Apps for Enterprise Service Management helping to automate work across Discover's Consumer Banking and Financial Enterprise Operations. Present what we have found are ideal candidates for Apps in ServiceNow and some best practices/lessons learned in Development and Integrations. Demo real life examples that show how we have automated and streamlined front office to back office request/fulfillment workflows including Banking/Deposit Cases, Operational Risk Events/Consumer Banking incidents - Show how the applications can benefit from being tightly linked with IT incident management as business cases are created automatically when technology event occurs. 50 Minute CreatorCon Breakout Dan Cigrang
SN Developer–Discover
CCB3922 - Incorporating existing JavaScript libraries into your ServiceNow apps There are countless useful JavaScript libraries available on the web, but do you know how to use them in your ServiceNow apps? Some libraries are easily portable and will be simple to adapt. Others rely on the specific capabilities of the runtimes they were built for (such as Node.js) and are unlikely to work in ServiceNow without extensive modifications. This talk delves into the factors that determine whether or not an existing library is likely to be usable, and will offer practical guidance to developers wishing to incorporate existing code into their ServiceNow applications. 50 Minute CreatorCon Breakout Josh Nerius
Developer Evangelist–ServiceNow
BRE4014 - Evolution or Revolution: What a Difference a Letter Makes! A look at how Stanley Black & Decker re-implemented ServiceNow to include SDLC, streamlined core processes with CMDB at its core, and mapped services through Service Mapping. A detailed look at how Julia's team met the challenges in a global organization, used revolutionary approaches to change culture, and evolved IT Service Management at Stanley Black & Decker with ServiceNow at its heart. We had to go back to the drawing board and re-engineer our processes with CMDB at its core. We were on Fuji release and needed to upgrade as well, to include the new functionality for configuration management and service mapping. 50 Minute Traditional Breakout Julia Myram
Director - SMO–Stanley Black & Decker Inc
BRE4007 - Follow the Yellow Brick Roadmap: A Journey To the Emerald CMDB How Eli Lilly and Company implemented an Enterprise Configuration Management Database (CMDB) following a phased approach to integrate multiple “local” CMDBs into a single Enterprise CMDB supporting Incident, Problem and Change Management, and how the information in the CMDB is being used today to answer business questions for lifecycle management, vulnerability risk management, and more. 50 Minute Traditional Breakout John Rea-Hedrick
IT Consultant–Eli Lilly and Company
BRE4002 - Ready, Aim…Shop? Using the ServiceNow Store to Accelerate Business Success We all know ServiceNow makes it easy to build your own applications, but before your developers dig into creating solutions from scratch it pays to check out the ServiceNow Store ( More than 200 certified applications and integrations are there, ready to use right away. What’s the story with these apps, and how can you leverage them in your ServiceNow environment? Join David Gatley, Technology Partner Product Manager at ServiceNow as he covers the value of certified solutions on the ServiceNow Store. 50 Minute Traditional Breakout David Gatley
Technology Partner Product Manager–ServiceNow
BRE3996 - Say “No” to Emails and “Yes” to Productivity Showcasing innovative use of Service Now’s Enterprise Service Management capability to automate processes beyond “Traditional ITSM”. Guardian’s IT vendor management team followed a rudimentary process for managing their IT Expense Authorizations. An average of 50+ contracts per month involved filling up manual excel sheets and gazillion emails to track approvals and status. A custom application developed for IT Vendor management team not only improves productivity by eliminating emails but also acts as a “single source of truth” for all their data, and reduces turnaround time from weeks to days. 50 Minute Traditional Breakout Sonika Das
Head of ITSM–Guardian Life Insurance of America
Arti Shah
Senior Business Analyst- IT Service Management–Guardian Life Insurance
BRE3991 - One workflow to rule them all Toyota's Service Catalog journey to a single simple workflow driving approvals, routing, and tasks for any catalog item to simplify creation, maintenance, and flexibility of hundreds of catalog items. 50 Minute Traditional Breakout Ravali Yadavalli
ServiceNow Developer–Toyota Motor North America
Jack Foo
Service Catalog & Self Service Portal Owner–Toyota Motor North America
BRE3989 - Techniques From The New York Stock Exchange (ICE) On How To Manage A Custom Development Team In this session we will discuss best practices around custom development within the ServiceNow platform at the New York Stock Exchange (ICE). In particular we will focus on how we built an internal development and QA team to build out custom applications and support users across the entire enterprise. We will discuss recruiting techniques for finding ServiceNow developers, best practices around training new developers, demand management, techniques for providing documentation and training for end users, and for communicating a road map to end users for upcoming releases. We will also discuss lessons learned about architecting custom applications in ServiceNow to best leverage the power of the platform when building new solutions and migrating applications from other tools. 50 Minute Traditional Breakout Bretlan Fletcher
Director–Intercontinental Exchange | NYSE
BRE4026 - Come learn how Operational Intelligence uses Machine learning to prevent service outages Machine learning capabilities helps reduce alert fatigue, identify root cause and predict future failures. In the past year ServiceNow has added several new features such as predictive alerts, anomaly alerts, and more. Come and learn about Operational Intelligence machine learning capabilities and how it can help you reduce operational noise, isolate problems faster, and prevent service outages. 50 Minute Traditional Breakout Puru Amradkar
Sr Product Manager, ITOM–ServiceNow
BRE4021 - Taking the Plunge: One University’s Journey to CMDB CMDB implementations have an 80% failure rate, a risk that has led many resource-limited organizations to avoid attempting this valuable endeavor. Yet with a viable Discovery tool and buy-in from management, success is almost guaranteed. In this session, you'll hear how the University of Denver, took the plunge and successfully transformed their ServiceNow implementation from a glorified ticketing system to a fully populated CMDB, opening seemingly endless doors for ITSM within the IT division and beyond. Shannon Valerio will take you through the University's implementation of CMDB, populated with ServiceNow’s Discovery tool, by taking the audience through a step-by-step look at the process from getting buy-in from stakeholders and technical staff, to the population of a robust CMDB; a process that led to enhancing their ITSM environment through revamping the Change Management process, as well as the implementation of other modules such as Asset Management, GRC, etc. 50 Minute Traditional Breakout Shannon Valerio
Director, IT Customer Service–University of Denver
BRE4019 - Nationwide Configuration Management: A Journey to the Center of the Service Foundation Nationwide® Mutual Insurance will take you on a journey to the center of the Service Foundation: Configuration Management! We will share our lessons learned from past, current endeavors in our Configuration Management journey, as well as our partnership with the ServiceNow Inspire team to lay a solid roadmap for the future. 50 Minute Traditional Breakout Ben Troutman
SACM Process Owner–Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co.
Michael D'Ippolito
AVP, Run Services Delivery–Nationwide Insurance
CCW3953 - Managing multiple development projects at the same time in an instance This workshop is to provide hands-on experience with different ways (best practices) of having multiple teams working on multiple projects in ServiceNow. When multiple teams are working on the same instance, there tends to be a lot of challenges especially when working on the same module. This workshop will give hands-on experience for participants on how to handle these situations. 1 Hour 50 minute CreatorCon Workshop Chris Maloy
Platform Specialist - Architect–ServiceNow
Shiva Ramachandran
CCB3941 - Under The Hood - How to optimize the performance of your instance This session will cover the details of how Servicenow platform is architected. It will give the audience a great insight into the building of the platform and applications. It will help them to understand, appreciate the architecture and manage the instances better. 50 Minute CreatorCon Breakout Jared Laethem
Brent Bahry
Manager, Platform Development–ServiceNow
CCB3939 - Enabling Enterprise Architecture decisions through the ServiceNow platform Curious to see how the ServiceNow platform can enable Enterprise Architecture decisions? Throughout this session we’ll discuss the different applications and features of the ServiceNow platform used to address key business questions across the following areas: Program and Portfolio Analysis, Application Rationalization, Technology Modernization, and Standards Management. 50 Minute CreatorCon Breakout Michael Del Castillo
Sr. Solution Consultant–ServiceNow
Brian Murray
Solution Consultant–ServiceNow
CCB3934 - Design Patterns for Composite Applications with Orchestration Orchestrations are really just complex platform applications. You can do powerful things when you integrate ServiceNow with other systems of record and engagement. This session will walk you through design patterns that will help you be successful building your own Activity Packs, incorporating them into larger applications, and how to organize for successful collaborative development of orchestration content. 50 Minute CreatorCon Breakout Rebecca Dias
Senior Product Manager - Orchestration Core–ServiceNow
Venkata Koya
Staff Software Engineer–ServiceNow
BRE4076 - ERP for Information Technology: Using ITSM, SDLC, Demand, and PPM Together With the ServiceDesk, Bristow Information Technology developed a single solution that serves as the ERP for IT. With one platform, Bristow IT teams are able to manage their work through a single pane of glass. They have visibility into new feature requests to manage and prioritize software development activities. They also have a clear picture of operational issues and service catalog requests as part of the service management processes. The platform provides insight into demand for new business projects to IT leaders. The ServiceDesk enterprise platform makes work simpler and automated for IT teams, while making for an engaging experience for business users. 50 Minute Traditional Breakout Adil Ahmed
Director, Knowledge Systems–Bristow Group Inc.
BRE4071 - HMS and How We Automated the IT End-to-End Process Last year, at Knowledge 16, HMS presented the IT Work Intake Process using ServiceNow Idea and Demand Management modules. This year, HMS took a giant leap forward and completed their IT End-to-End Process Automation project. HMS has now closed the circle by moving past Work Intake and into Project Management, Time Management, Change Management and Product Delivery. Learn how last year's efforts are reaping rewards with our business partners, how ServiceNow became woven into the fabric of IT service delivery and how ServiceNow has become one of the most talked about products within HMS. 50 Minute Traditional Breakout Debbie Balmos
Sr. Director, IT Support–Health Management Systems, Inc (HMS)
BRE4069 - Transforming Customer Service at TriMedx The costs of delivering superior healthcare continue to rise. To address those challenges, TriMedx supports more than 1,800 customers in delivering health technology management that provides sustainable savings and efficiencies. Hear how TriMedx leveraged Customer Service Management to transform its customer service operations and offer new revenue-generating products. 50 Minute Traditional Breakout Doug Folsom
BRE4064 - Introduction to Customer Service Management (including roadmap) Are you struggling to improve customer service while driving down costs? Attend this informative session to learn how the familiar benefits of the ServiceNow platform power Customer Service Management to provide business partners and customers with always-available and easy-to-use self-service options while providing an effortless customer service agent experience that connects customer service to the rest of your organization, speeding problem diagnosis to drive permanent solutions and not just one-time fixes. In addition to an overview of current capabilities, this session will reveal what is planned for upcoming releases. 50 Minute Traditional Breakout Victor Chan
Product Management Director–ServiceNow
Prithvi Yoganand
Product Manager–ServiceNow
BRE4057 - Automating Customer Service for a $66 Billion Business Broadcom is built upon 50 years of innovation, collaboration and engineering excellence that attributes to a $66 Billion market capitalization today. Their journey begins with how meticulously IT strategized to automate and transform itself in driving a zero helpdesk which led to simplifying complex customer relationships through ServiceNow. 50 Minute Traditional Breakout Stanley Toh
Director, Global IT Enterprise End-user–Broadcom Limited
BRE4052 - The Need for Enterprise Security Response: Introduction to Security Operations You’ve likely heard that ServiceNow has entered into the security market. But where does ServiceNow fit into the security ecosystem? Come to this session for an introduction and overview of ServiceNow Security Operations. During this session, you will learn the basics of the Security Operations offerings, the third party security products that are integrated with them, and some of the key use cases that Security Operations customers are successfully using today. 50 Minute Traditional Breakout Janene Casella
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Security Operations–ServiceNow
BRE4172 - Stop HELPING and start SERVICING your employees! A story of IT helpdesk transformation The recent deployment of ServiceNow Express become a catalyst event to reshape and rebrand our internal employee IT Help desk. The transformation included full rebranding to IT SERVICE DESK, job description updates, employee communication, mission statement, service level creation and more. This session will describe the road map to embark on such an evolution. The end result has created a new high quality internal IT service department delivering smart and reliable solutions, while delivering a continuous positive technology experience. 50 Minute Traditional Breakout Jim Maza
Vice President Information Technology–Assurance
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